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Who is 8Bit Goldy

8bit Goldy whose genuine name is Lokesh Jain. 8bit Goldy is the most well known gamer in India, who is an excellent Pubg player. Lokesh Jain is the originator of Youtube channel 8bit Goldy and he joined his youtube channel on 20 Nov 2013 which has 318K supporters. We should live stream 8bit Goldy Pubg in that channel and transfer interactivity recordings of Various games such as Valorant ,PUBG PC, and other such popular games..

Goldy’s age 26 years of age Goldy’s Youtube channel is extraordinary compared to other gaming diverts in India. His channel currently has a total of 3.18 lalkh subscribers. Goldy manages to stream daily for 2 hours for his audience.

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Who is 8Bit goldy?

8Bit Goldy is a business person hailing from a business family from Delhi and he entered Esports long term back joining forces with one of the most regarded associations in Indian Esports scene, 8Bit as Animesh Agarwal otherwise known as 8bit Thug’s co accomplice. He aims to be an independent business person with the greatest eSports organization in India and one who will be carrying on with his existence without giving any qualms. Yet, not with my family’s cash!

His parents have never interfered in any business or startup that he established, rather, his dad has always been supportive. Hence, they don’t keep a close eye on his activities in gaming but know about him being some small figure in the gaming scene.

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8Bit Goldy’s childhood and Interest in Gaming.

During his school days, he was a ruined child and used to be that devious, carefree, and happening understudy in his batch. He was likewise an easygoing gamer since adolescence and used to play for no particular reason. Goldy began playing computer games, Nintendo and afterward PlayStation. One fine day, while going in Vietnam, an individual explorer acquainted him with PUBG Mobile, and he got dependent on it.

As an energetic individual, he needed to make the best out of the game by giving it his time and energy. Goldy was not intrigued much with regards to contemplates. In any case, he realized schooling was significant, so he did the base needed by him for a superior future.

Message for bullying

#saynotocyberbullying activity began when a portion of the juvenile individuals began spreading disdain against Streamers just as players. Many privateer bunches were made and they were spreading scorn with respect to Indian gaming network. Yet, everything arrived at end when 8bit Goldy made a lawful move against them. A considerable lot of them were erased by the gathering and the individuals who didn’t erase, got legitimate activity. This was an awesome activity begun by 8bit Goldy to quit spreading scorn in Community.

Nearly everybody like Scout, Mortal, Ghatak, Thug and a lot more upheld this activity for the improvement of the network. After this progression, out of nowhere the scorn Comments were diminished in live streaming. Firstly, 8bit Goldy gave every one of those warmers, a legitimate notification and time for 24 hours to eliminate each one of those sorts of gatherings. And afterward he began to discover the proprietors of gatherings who didn’t erase their gatherings for legitimate activity. He uncovered some of them through his Instagram stories.

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8Bit goldy income source

His significant type of revenue is his own privately-owned company which is tied in with assembling and fares. He underpins his dad and sibling in their business.

Optional pay hotspot for him is 8bit association. From 8bit association, he is procuring through Brands sponsorship Tournaments prize pool Organization shipper

8Bit and Soul

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