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Who is Beastboy shub

BeastBoy Shub otherwise known as Shub is one of the greatest gaming content makers in India. He is a YouTuber with in excess of 4.4+ million supporters on his primary channel, BeastBoy Shub, and with an extra 478K+ Subscribers on his vlogging channel, Shubhooo.

He is likewise dynamic on his Instagram handle with almost around 200K devotees. As of late, in a selective talk, Shub revealed a ton about his own and expert life.

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BeastBoy Shub was conceived in the period of April in the year 1997 which makes his age 23 years starting at 2020. He was brought up in a little town in New Delhi, India.

Beastboy Shub was the sort of child, who never takes an interest in any extra-curricular exercises during his school days and this has become on of his greatest second thoughts throughout everyday life. He got his first cell phone during his eleventh and he had web access subsequent to completing the twelfth class. He found about YouTube and how things work and inevitably began his own YouTube channel.

First and foremost, it was truly difficult for him to make recordings as he needed to oversee both school and recordings. He made an honest effort to transfer however many recordings as could be expected under the circumstances. He said that, out of the apparent multitude of things he had done, he had appreciated the most in making YouTube recordings.

His family had no idea about his channel, they were just pondering him getting a degree and turning into an architect. He dosen’t generally accuse them , that is the thing that each parent thought during that time. In his general public, nobody takes a gander at YouTube as a Career. I chose to not enlighten them concerning my channel until I get some development.

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Beastboy shub games

Beastboy Shub has currently created 2 games

Zombie Shooter 

In 2019, Shubham made his first-historically speaking overall online leaderboard-based game “BeastBoyShub Zombie Shooter”. This game was a low-reviewed 2D Single TPP Shooter game in which the player needed to shoot zombies that show up on the HUD. It was delivered by Shub on the site Withkoji. This was authoritatively named @BeastBoyShub Zombie Shooter. You can play the game here.

Zombie Hunter 

Later the next year, he made his subsequent game, BeastBoyShub: The Zombie Hunter. It was additionally an overall leaderboard-based game. It was first delivered on Google Play Store in organization with Diego Schirò. The Zombie Hunter. It was delivered on December 29, 2019.

beastboy shub Family

BeastBoyShub never shared a lot of data about his family. Their names are not known yet his dad is a working class financial specialist and his mom is a housewife. In contrast to numerous YouTubers, his folks didn’t uphold his YouTube channel since the very beginning. This really causes numerous individuals to feel down yet Shubham had confidence in himself and buckled down. At the point when Shubham’s folks saw his place of fitness and how hard he was functioning, they needed to yield.

He had said ordinarily his recordings that his relationship status is ‘Single’ and he doesn’t have a sweetheart. When asked his squash in QnA recordings, he generally either redirects the consideration by poking fun at his pound being his next endorser achievement or staying quiet consequently communicating his disappointment about addressing the inquiry.

Beastboy Shub games

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