PUBG Ban in India?|How long will this ban last|how long?

PUBG ban in India was issued on September 2nd 2020 , it was announced that 118 chinese apps were banned in India along with PUBG due to privacy concerns as the India-China border tensions keep on Increasing .Here we talk about the most important questions on this matter.

Is this ban forever?

For all those PUBG players out there the good news is that PUBG ban in India is not going to last very long because the officials mentioned a few weeks ago that is PUBG gets banned in India then they are ready to break all connections with Tencent and partner with another organisation to keep PUBG running in India.

Pubg ban in india

Even if the game does not break its partnership with Tencent , the ban can be lifted if an Indian company buys a certain stake of Tencent. The officials must be working hard to find a solution as there are maximum players from India and they would face a huge loss if the ban lasts very long.

HOw long is pubg ban ?

It is not clear how long the ban is going to last. It depends on how long the game solves its problems with Tencent. Other reason for the ban to be lifted can be that India-China border tension loosens.However the second option has a very low chance for the nearest future .Estimating the time for the ban can be very hard but it might be possible that the issues are solved in a couple of weeks or months.If the issue is not solved within a couple of months then it is possible that this can go on for a very long period of time.

List of all the apps

Here is a list of all the 118 apps which have been banned by the government on September 2nd 2020.

list of banned apps
list 2
list 3

All of these apps have been banned as they have been identified as prejudicial to the sovereignty, integrity and defence of India.

Should you use vpn ?

Many people might think of playing PUBG even after the ban by using VPN. Although it is possible to play the game using VPN  but there are risks of doing so.Doing this will not only mean that you are disobeying the government’s decisions.If caught breaking the rules you may be charged/fined for using illegal applications.Thus using VPN to play PUBG even after the ban is not recommended.

WHy PUBG ban in india?

This is first thing you have to know. India has prohibited the PUBG Mobile in view of its Chinese association and on the grounds that India and China are at present in center of fringe contest China is attempting to infringe on An Indian area in Ladakh India is hitting back by restricting utilization of Chinese applications in the nation. Prior government had prohibited various applications, including TikTok. Presently, there are extra 118 applications restricted, including PUBG.

In an announcement, Indian government stated, “Utilizing the sovereign powers, the Government of India has chosen to obstruct the use of certain Apps, utilized in both versatile and non-portable Internet empowered gadgets. These applications are recorded in the connected index. This move will protect the interests of crores of Indian portable and web clients. This choice is a focused on move to guarantee well being, security and power of Indian the internet.”

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