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PUBG S15 royal pass

Pubg s15 Release date

PUBG S15 was released on september 15th 2020 .This was a different season due to the current ongoing events which make this a special season.Two weeks prior to the release of season 15 PUBG mobile was banned in India.If you want to read more about the ban click here.

The S15 theme has been partly based on ninjas and everything has been designed beautifully.To plan for the new season, Tencent Game typically takes around 2 days, so PUBG Mobile Season 14 is required to end on September 13. By one way or another the PUBG Mobile season 15 level prizes have been spilled. Like past seasons, there would be 2 levels for the pass: 

Season rewards

Elite Royale Pass would be 600 UC and Elite Plus Pass would be 1800 UC. Much the same as the past seasons, a Season 15 casing will be given to the players arriving at the Conqueror level.

1-100RP rewards

All the rewards of PREMIUM royal pass are mentioned below.

To watch video of all rewards.Click here.

  1. Whitestar Outfit+Thompson Skin
  2. RP closet card+S16 500RP points
  3. UC or AG
  4.  Classic Crate Scrap (1)
  5. Whitestar Headgear
  6. 1000BP
  7. UC or AG
  8. 15 Silver fragments
  9. 2 Bike popularity
  10. Samurai Ops Smoke grenade
  11. Mission Skip card (1)
  12. 15 Silver fragments
  13. UC or AG
  14. Classic Crate Scrap (1)
  15. Royal pass avatar
  16. 1000 BP
  17. UC or AG
  18. Chicken Graffiti
  19. Silver fragments
  20. Sad Emote+S15 backpack
  21. Parachute Smoke
  22. Silver fragments
  23. UC or AG
  24. Classic Crate Scrap (1)
  25. Island dance emote
  26. 1000 BP
  27. UC or AG
  28. Silver fragments
  29. 2 Bike popularity
  30. Samurai  ops parachute+Shadow assassination outfit
  31. Mission Skip card (1)
  32. S15 crate
  33. UC or AG
  34. Classic Crate Scrap (1)
  35. Shadow assassin headgear
  36. 1000BP
  37. UC or AG
  38. Silver fragments
  39. BP card
  40. S15 pan skin
  41. Parachute Smoke
  42. Graffiti
  43. Classic Crate Scrap (1)
  44. UC or AG
  45. S15 avatar Frame
  46. 1000BP
  47. UC or AG
  48. Silver fragments
  49. 2 Bike popularity
  50. VSS skin + Aeroplane Skin
  1. Mission skip card
  2.  S15 crate
  3. UC or AG
  4. Classic crate Scrap
  5.  S15 crate
  6. 1000BP
  7. UC or AG
  8. BP card
  9. 15 Silver fragments
  10. Silverstar outfit+headgear(lvl2)
  11. Mission skip card
  12.  S15 crate
  13. UC or AG
  14. Mission skip card
  15.  S15 crate
  16. parachute smoke
  17. UC or AG
  18. 15 Silver fragments
  19. Graffiti
  20. Samurai Ops emote
  21. Mission skip card
  22.  S15 crate
  23. UC or AG
  24. Classic crate Scrap
  25. Samurai ops avatar
  26. 1000BP
  27. UC or AG
  28. BP card
  29. 15 Silver fragments
  30. Samurai ops helmet skin 
  31. Parachute Smoke
  32. Silver fragments
  33. UC or AG
  34. Classic Crate Scrap (1)
  35. S15 crate
  36. 1000BP
  37. UC or AG
  38. 15 Silver fragments
  39. 2 Bike popularity
  40. Samurai ops AKM skin
  41. Advance room card
  42. Silver fragments
  43. UC or AG
  44. Classic Crate Scrap (1)
  45. S15 crate
  46. 1000BP
  47. UC or AG
  48. Parachute Smoke
  49. Silver fragments
  50. Samurai ops outfit+headgear

PUBG S15 Season rewards

Season 15 is required to deliver on September 15 and here are the couple of PUBG Mobile Season 15 level prizes spilled : 

  • The cover with the outfit of the Gold level will be accessible in the Platinum level. 
  • This evil themed outfit will be the compensation for the players arriving at the Gold level. 
  • An elite weapon skin for SKS will be remunerated for the players on arriving at the Diamond level. 
  •  A Season 15 Parachute will be compensated at the Ace level as the subject of the parachute coordinates the topic of the Gold level outfit.
S15 season reward

Anti-Cheating System

So as to secure the interests of most of players and guarantee a sound air inside the game, PUBG MOBILE has been focused on keeping up the reasonableness of the game and safeguarding the gaming experience. 

In our enemy of cheat group, we have as of late accomplished a few discoveries and improvements, which we will disclose to all the players. 

Since late June, we’ve recognized steady assaults from this cheat.This cheat could make a player detach during a match and cause different players to be executed in the wake of dropping, which truly disturbed the game.We have made a move when it was uncovered, and we have likewise punished the relating accounts.In early July, the cheat was effectively countered.In the latest variant, we have additionally extensively overhauled our plan to crackdown on this cheat for a more powerful and exhaustive safeguard. 

Toward the beginning of August, through a player report, we found a YouTube station and Telegram bunch in which individuals were selling another sort of Android bamboozling programming. By changing the customer and implanting the cheat work in the broke customer, this kind of cheat makes an invalid capacity that wrecks the equalization in the game.


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