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About Rawknee

Rawknee is a Youtuber who is Famous for his Roasting Channel and Gaming Channel. His simmering Channel has 1.15+ million endorsers and His Gaming Channel has More than 1.57 Million Subscribers. Other than being a roaster he is likewise a gamer and a vlogger. His principle youtube channel. He was conceived on 19 October 1995 and his age is 25 years of age.

The cooking channel of Rawknee is The RawKnee show. The Gaming Channel of The Rony is The Rawknee Games. His Instagram Account is Therawknee .His Twitter account is TheRawKnee. He is Very popular in Social Media.

Ronodeep aka rawknee

Rawknee childhood

In spite of the fact that living in Mumbai, Ronodeep is of Bengali beginning, and likes to visit his place of cause, Kolkata, regularly.

During his adolescence, he used to be a “huge child”. As indicated by him, his mom would bomb controlling him and he himself as well, was anxious. He used to play Hide And Seek with his companions, and even got pummeled for swindling a few times. Rawknee used to tune in to cartoonic tunes on plastic festival cell phones. He was a normal understudy, and didn’t care for examines.

Ronodeep thought “We stress on the off chance that we will get AWM in PUBG and they are on to their Pythagoras Theorem”. He didn’t care for Mathematics either. He didn’t dominate at sports either, however he was certain that sometime in the not so distant future, even he would not stay horrendous in Football.

Pubg mobile

The Rawknee PUBG ID Number is 511262602 and Character ID is TheRawKnee. The Rawknee is in CARTEL Crew and he is a head of HaguNaka Clan. He plays PUBG since season second beginnings. He has No group Partner in PUBG. Rawknee is only an in excess of a normal Player in PUBG According to his K/D and past Season details.

The Rawknee Father Name is Sandeep Dasgupta and Mother Name is Ranu Dasgupta. He is Born in Mumbai and his old neighborhood is Mumbai. his Favorite Actors is Akshay Kumar and his Favorite YouTuber is CarryMinati, Bhuvan Bam, Amit Bhadana, Flying Beast, Mostly Sane, Triggered Insaan. His Hobbies are Traveling and Gaming.

Rawknee on tour

Youtube and others

Quite a while in the past, somebody couldn’t articulate his name “Rony” accurately. Along these lines, to cause them to articulate it appropriately, he utilized the English words “Crude” and “Knee”. Hence, this was the base of naming his channel The RawKnee. However, an impediment of naming this channel such is that the vast majority misspeak it as “Rock-Nee”, barring the “K” from quiet letter sets.

This has now gotten one of his famous monikers and individuals call him by the two names. Rawknee is referred to both as “Crude Knee” and “Rock-Nee”. He is a fanatic of TheEllenShow and he watches it till now, which may have motivated into naming his channel so. He even needed to run his very own television show so he could collaborate with others, however this thought has, of now, been jettisoned by him.

Somebody sent him Rs. 40 through superchat, and was composing “Mendhak Ka Chehra” . Everyone thinks he has a frog-enjoyed face. He keeps his LIVE STREAM recordings family amicable right off the bat by not swearing.

Rawknee t series and pewdiepie

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