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Soul mortal

Soul Mortal is a professional Esports player of PUBG mobile and his real name is Naman Mathur. He is known worldwide for his excellent performance at many stages.Mortal’s in game roles are

  •  IGL(In game leader)
  • Assaulter
  • Flanker

Naman Mathur also works as a content creator in youtube and has a family of 6.2 million subscribers.

Mortal was conceived in Mumbai in Marathi family on 22 May 1996, and Mortal age is 23 y-Years old ( As of 2019). Mortal channel is currently famous gaming direct in India. He was messed around in IPad 2018/Asus Rog and stream games with versatile, He transfers PUBG MOBILE on his Youtube channel pretty much consistently for a couple of hours. Mortal had Played endless competitions in Pubg Game and furthermore win those competitions He was played with huge pubg portable decorations like Carryminati, Kronten Gaming, Levinho, and Dynamo Gaming as well.


Soul mortal-starting

Mortal initially used to upload small clips on his games on instagram and one of his clips went viral in which he clutched a game to victory at almost zero health.This marked the starting of what we today know as Soul Mortal.

Soul clan

Naman Mathur otherwise known as MortaL started heading group SouL post its beginning in 2018. The group at first comprised of four players including MortaL, Yash “Snake” Soni, Harpreet “Ronak” Singh and Mohammed Owais Lakhani. Parv “ReGaLToS” Singh and Vivek “ClutchGod” Horo participate as SouL’s aggressors in 2019 post Owais and Ronak’s flight to join group X and in the end, Fnatic. SouL won PUBG Mobile India Series and PMCO Spring Split: India, gathering a colossal fan base as they started their global portrayal. The group was put #12 in PMCO 2019 Global Finals.

Soul together

Top tournaments

Some top performances in big tournaments are.

  •  PMCO India split 2019 [1st]
  • PMCO spring split India 2019 [1st]
  • Gaming For Good [2nd] (charity tournament)
  • PMCO fall split south Asia 2019 [2nd]
  • Skyesports Grand slam 2019 [2nd]

For full list click here.

Soul Mortal earnings

Mortal get part of Money from Ads, Super talk, Video/Post, Sponsorship, Donations, and some more. He get effectively income from advertisements, however sponsorship isn’t simple and gifts will very with time. As per socialblade and Nox influencer site, Mortal Average 1.12m perspective on one day and Earns $190 – $3.1k through promotions on his recordings and live streams in a single one day . on Average he wins $7.8k – $124k in the one month. As indicated by Captain India, an Indian YouTuber who determined the profit of Mortal to superchats and gifts, it is said that Mortal Earning around 23741 Rupees in a single hour of the live stream, these are only his income through Ads and Superchat, supported post and Donations get his more cash. Additionally as of late, the portable brand One Plus and Omlet Arcade supported Mortal which a major accomplishment

Past life

Naman Mathur mess around like PS1, PS2, Mini Militia, Contra, Mario, Dangerous Dave, GTA San Andreas/Counter Strike before beginning PUBG Mobile . Mortal said in the last meeting the Counter Strike was one of the most loved games. Despite the fact that every one of these games recordings aren’t distributed on his channel. He Started the Youtube Live transfer of Mini Militia Gameplays in October 2016. Afterward, he began streaming PUBG Mobile in 20 June 2018. Through Mini Militia live streams, Mortal didn’t increase numerous supporters. Also, channel execution not player from PUBG MOBILE, But, from that point onward, he began playing PUBG Mobile and live stream from Pung Mobile before all else, he made endorser games which was the beginning stage his channel development. Afterward, his channel exploded!

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