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soul regaltos

Soul regaltos is a professional Indian Esports player who has represented India at different level .He is also a popular Youtube content creator with over 1.69 millions subscribers as of 18th September 2020.

Game roles

  •  Assaulter
  • In game leader

Soul regaltos is officially a player for team Soul.The Real name of Soul Regaltos is Parv Singh and his PUBG ID number is 593193849. Parv Singh (SouL Regaltos) is outstanding amongst other Indian PUBG players. He partook in numerous International PUBG Competitive Tournaments like PMPL, PMCO, and so on.


Soul regaltos age

Lots of people are asking about age of soul regaltos on youtube and instagram comments .Regaltos is currently 19 years old,he was born in 2001.People groups Curiosity towards knowing Age of soul Regaltos is on next level.At this very young age he has achieved a lot of things which people dream of .Regaltos has just played in crew mode during the progressing season. Till date, he has played 151 matches in Season 14 and has a surprising K/D proportion of 6.90


Career so far

Soul regaltos were from a working class family. He had a ton of enthusiasm for games since youth. Regaltos had found out about the pubg versatile game some place after which he began playing this game. He continually rehearsed the game and turned into a professional player in the end. His interactivity was popular with different players and soon he joined group soul and began playing with group soul primary setup. After this he chose to make a youtube channel and inside a year he picked up practically 1.5 million supporters. He at present wins in excess of 5 thousand rupees consistently through superchat and gifts. His month to month salary is assessed to associate with 2 lakh rupees. Aside from this he additionally gains a ton from competition prize pools.


Soul regaltos childhood

As a child, Parv consistently used to play cricket and needed to be an expert cricket player as well. Be that as it may, when he was around 11-12 years of age, he had a physical issue while playing cricket. During the injury mending period, he got acquainted with a game called Clash of Clans. The game was one of the most downloaded versatile games and he cherished playing this game. He chose to give his extra an ideal opportunity to play versatile games and quit playing cricket completely. His folks weren’t content with him playing web based games. He additionally played Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia 

As time passed, he went over the game PUBG Mobile and the rest was history. He shaped a group alongside three of his companion and named it 4HM. Since he would be wise to gaming information than his companions, he assumed the IGL part in the group. He began playing paid traditions consistently. MortaL (SouL esports proprietor) knew him route previously and welcomed him to be an aspect of his group. Parv acknowledged the welcome and joined SouL Esports in mid-2019. 

Around then, SouL’s PUBG Mobile arrangement was fixed and he generally stayed as an additional player. However, when MortaL chose to stop serious, the entire arrangement broke and 2 players left the group. As Regaltos was the following best player, he turned into an aspect of the group. After his appearance in the group, they remained in second spot in PMCO Fall Split 2019. Right now, he is the primary player for the group and his job is assaulter.


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