Top 6 games popular after PUBG ban in India

top 6 games

The list of top 6 games trending right now is here.Recently after PUBG mobile was banned after that people are looking for alternate games to play for entertainment.A lot of game have gained popularity but the top 6 games are here.


Valorant is an allowed to-play multiplayer strategic first-individual shooter created and distributed by Riot Games, for Microsoft Windows. First prodded under the codename Project An in October 2019, the game started a shut beta period with restricted admittance on April 7, 2020 followed by authentic delivery on June 2, 2020.Valorant is a group based strategic shooter and first-individual shooter set in the close future.


Players play as one of a lot of operators, characters planned dependent on a few nations and societies around the world.[4] In the principle game mode, players are allocated to either the assaulting or protecting group with each group having five players on it. Operators have extraordinary capacities each requiring charges, just as an interesting extreme capacity which requires charging through executes, passings, or spike activities.

Every player begins each round with an “exemplary” gun and with at least one “signature capacity” charge. Different weapons and capacity charges can be bought utilizing an in game financial framework which grants cash dependent on the result of the past round, any murders the player is answerable for, and any activities taken with the spike. The game has a variety of weapons including sidearms, submachine firearms, shotguns, automatic rifles, attack rifles and expert rifleman rifles.Automatic and quick firing weapons, for example, the “Apparition,” “Odin,” and “Hoodlum” have draw back examples which must be constrained by the major part so as to have the option to shoot precisely.

To download the game click here for official download page.

2.Call of duty:mobile

Obligation at hand: Mobile is an allowed to-play shooter computer game created by TiMi Studios and distributed by Activision and Garena for Android and iOS. It was delivered on October 1, 2019. The game saw one of the biggest versatile game dispatches ever, producing over US$327 million with 250 million downloads by June 2020.

call of duty mobile

Obligation at hand: Mobile was declared in March 2019, with TiMi Studios, an auxiliary of Tencent Games, driving turn of events. Huge numbers of the game’s highlights were uncovered at this declaration, promising a natural encounter for aficionados of the comfort games. The point of the game was to take recognizable perspectives from the establishment’s past games and permit clients to get to them from their versatile devices.It highlights two in-game monetary forms, just as a fight pass.On July 18, 2019, a delicate dispatch started in Canada and Australia.The top 6  game was authoritatively delivered in most different locales on October 1, 2019.

Honorable obligation: Mobile highlights numerous playable characters, maps, and gamemodes from past games in the series.Different control settings were incorporated to take into account player’s preferences.A “zombies” game mode was added to the game in November 2019.

This game mode follows the exemplary Call of Duty zombies “endurance” recipe where the player wards off unlimited rushes of zombies, planning to make due as far as might be feasible. An “Assault” mode was additionally included where the player must annihilation a set measure of influxes of zombies before experiencing one of two last bosses.Call of Duty: Mobile Zombies mode was taken out on March 25th, 2020 because of the game mode not fulfilling Activision’s guidelines. In any case, Activision expressed that it may be brought in a later update.

To download the game click here for official download page.

3.Among us

Among Us is an online multiplayer social derivation game, created and distributed by American game studio InnerSloth and delivered on June 15, 2018. The game has a gathering of major parts in a space-themed setting each take on one of two jobs, most being Crewmates, and a foreordained number being Impostors. The objective for the Crewmates is to distinguish the Impostors, dispose of them.

Among us

Among Us is a multiplayer game, supporting 4–10 players. 1–3 of these players are arbitrarily chosen each game to be Impostors, while the rest are Crewmates. The game can happen on one of three guides: a spaceship, a central command building, or a planet base.Crewmates are offered assignments to finish around the guide as minigames, comprising of upkeep chip away at indispensable frameworks, for example, electrical overhauling and filling motors.

Impostors are given a phony rundown of undertakings so as to mix in with Crewmates and be able to undermine the guide’s frameworks, navigate vents, recognize some other Impostors, and murder Crewmates. In the event that a player kicks the bucket, they become an apparition;the top 6 games phantoms can go through dividers, yet can just associate with the world in restricted manners and are imperceptible to everybody with the exception of other ghosts.All players, beside ghosts,have a restricted cone of vision, which takes into consideration players to avoid perspective on different players regardless of the game’s top-down point of view.

To download the game click here for official download page.

4.rocket league

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rocket league

In June 2015, 505 Games started conveying a physical retail form for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with Warner Bros. Intelligent Entertainment assuming control over those obligations before the finish of 2017. Adaptations for macOS and Linux were likewise delivered in 2016, yet uphold for their online administrations were dropped in 2020. Psyonix plans to change the game to an allowed to-play model in September 2020.

Depicted as “soccer, however with rocket-fueled vehicles”, Rocket League has up to eight players doled out to every one of the two groups, utilizing rocket-controlled vehicles to hit a ball into their adversary’s objective and score focuses throughout a match. The top 6 games game incorporates single-player and multiplayer modes which can be played both locally and internet, including cross-stage play between all forms. Later updates for the game empowered the capacity to alter center standards and included new game modes, including ones dependent on ice hockey and ball.

Rocket League is a continuation of Psyonix’s Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, a 2008 computer game for the PlayStation 3. Fight Cars got blended audits and was not a triumph, yet increased a dedicated fan base. Psyonix kept on supporting themselves through agreement advancement work for different studios while hoping to build up a continuation.

To download the game click here for official download page.

5.getting over it

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a platformer computer game created by Bennett Foddy. The game was delivered as a major aspect of the October 2017 Humble Monthly, on October 6, 2017 where it proceeded to be played by over 2.7 million players.

getting over it

Getting Over It rotates around a quiet man by the name of Diogenes – who, fairly consistent with his namesake, dwells in a huge metal cauldron – and uses a Yosemite hammer, which he can use to grasp articles and move himself. Utilizing the mouse or trackpad (regulators are upheld yet make the game harder in view of the absence of exactness in the joysticks), the player attempts to move the man’s chest area and sledge hammer so as to ascend a lofty mountain.

The game is joined by voice-over editorial by Bennett Foddy examining different philosophical themes. The editorial likewise gives citations identifying with disillusionment and constancy when critical advancement is lost by the player.

To download the game click here for official download page.

6.fall guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a 2020 platformer fight royale game created by Mediatonic and distributed by Devolver Digital. It was reported at E3 in June 2019 and delivered on 4 August 2020 for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

fall guys

Up to 60 players contend in matches with fight royale-style gameplay.Players, spoken to as jellybean-like figures, move around a three-dimensional battleground, with extra moves, for example, hopping, getting, or plunging to help gameplay.The point is to fit the bill for ensuing rounds by effectively finishing every one of the arbitrarily chosen small games.

Certain smaller than expected games include running towards an end goal toward the finish of the guide, while others include components of teamwork. each less game, obstructions show up around the guide for included complexity. Players who are excessively moderate or who bomb certain necessities for a scaled down game are wiped out. On the last round, the staying scarcely any players contend in a last match with a randomized little game intended for a littler player size.The victor of the match is the last player standing.

To download the game click here for official download page.

This is the end of top 6 games lift currently .Hope you like it.

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